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Sharpeville and Soweto Tours

                          Sharpeville Soweto Tour

Sharpeville Tours

Soweto Tours include Hector Pietersen Memorial in Soweto

Departs Daily 09:00 - 17:00 - 7 Days a week

Duration 8 Hours

Pick up Location

From your Home or Hotel Johannesburg/Pretoria/O.R Tambo Airport

Drop of Point :Your Hotel or Home

We also specialize in big groups. Corporates, Universities and Schools are welcome to contact us. We give discount for groups.

Tour is conducted by a registered Tourist Guide

Price Per Person : R1300 min 2 people

Excluding lunch

Includes - Entrance Fee to Hector Peterson Museum

Transport in air - conditioned vehicle

We will depart on a tour to Soweto where you will find a Population of 4 Million People and it is also the largest black Township in South Africa and after lunch departing south of Johannesburg for 80 kilometers to Sharpeville Township in the Vereeniging area

The Soweto and Sharpeville Tours combine the uprisings of 16 June 1976 in Soweto and the Sharpeville Massacre of 21 March 1960 in the Sharpeville Township 80 kilometers south of Johannesburg. A experienced guide will take you on a unforgettable tour. We also visit Vereeniging where the "Boers" decided to end the Anglo Boer war who took place from 1899 - 1902 between the British and the Boers

On this tour we also visit the school of Oprah Winfrey in the South of Johannesburg. We stop here for photos and do a drive through this small town of Henley on Klip. We also drive through this country side town of Daleside where we will visit a Old Fort that's been build by the British people during the Anglo boer war to protect the railway lines against the Boers who sabotaged the railway line

View points and sightseeing place to see on the Soweto Tour

Highlights Includes

  • Diepkloof Extension (Soweto's own "Millionaires Row")
  • Historic Mining Hostels
  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (One of the Largest training hospitals in the world)
  • Bara Taxi rank (The largest taxi rank in South Africa)
  • Kliptown Squatter camp (Slums)Where a Local guide of the Youth Program will take you on a tour and also inside a house of one of the locals.
  • Drive past Maponya Shopping Mall (Soweto's largest Shopping mall)
  • Visit the Freedom Charter and the Freedom Charter memorial
  • Pass Regina Mundi Catholic Church (Unofficial "parliament" of the A.N.C during the Apartheid era)
  • Elephant Houses. (Wait and see!!)
  • Hector Peterson Museum
  • Vilakazi Street (Only street in the world home to 2 Nobel prizewinners; Nelson Mandela  Bishop Tutu)
  • Nelson Mandela Family Home
  • We also drive past the Soccer City Stadium and stop for photos.
  • The View Points and Sightseeing places to visit on the Sharpeville Tour
  • Highlights Includes
  • Sharpeville Memorial(It is a monument that honors the people who died or were wounded in the Sharpeville Massacre)
  • Sharpeville Police Station (It is now declared as a Historical site. We will get a tour through the police station by a local site guide to tell you all the tales that happened here on the 22 March 1960)
  • Peace Monument in Vereeniging (The monument represents the Boers, who, although they surrendered, they still stood together to rise up and become a strong nation after the war)
  • The School of Oprah Winfrey (It cost 299 million rand to build)
  • Witkop Blockhouse (One of the 50 BlockHouses left in South Africa. Blockhouses were normally built near railway lines because the Boers attacked them. They would steal goods from the trains, such as weapons)

  • Interesting information about the sightseeing points on tour
  • 16 July 1976 - Uprisings against the implementing of Afrikaans in the black schools in South Africa as a medium of education and the killings of students including Hector Pieterson in Soweto
  • Sharpeville Massacre - Residents in the Township of Sharpeville, outside Vereeniging, marched to the local police station on the 21 March 1960 to also protest against the PASS LAWS 69 people died on this day due to the protest
  • Pass Laws - Pass Laws made it necessary for Blacks to carry identity books with them all the time (Dom Pass). These books had to have stamps in them as proof that a person had permission to be in a Town at that time. At first only men had to carry Pass Books, but later women also had to carry them. One of the APARTHEID LAWS, called the Native Urban Areas Act, made sure that Blacks could not stay in a Town for a certain period of time unless they worked there or had been born there. If someone was stopped by the police and did not have their Pass Book with them, they were arrested.
  • Witkop Blockhouse - The British built blockhouses all over South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War. Blockhouses were built to monitor the Boers' movements. British soldiers stayed in the Blockhouses and guarded them.
    Blockhouses were built on a rise, such as a hill. This made visibility easier and they could see for very long distances. During the Anglo-Boer War, there were no buildings and very little vegetation surrounding the Witkop blockhouse.
    Due to this fact that it was built on a rise(a hill), the soldiers could see Johannesburg on a clear day.
  • Apartheid - Apartheid is an Afrikaans word, which means to separate. Apartheid was a legal system in South Africa from 1948 until 1990. This policy was put in place by the National Party (NP, a white political party who ruled in government) and separated people of different races.
  • Peace Monument - It was made from granite and steel. This represents the industries in the area. A Boer soldier lies down on the top of the monument. This represents the Boer nation who surrendered to the British to end the Anglo-Boer War.
    A steel figure rises up from the Boer soldier. this represents the strong spirit of the Boers who rose up and became a strong nation after the war. at the front of the monument is a gun that is laid down, a bandoleer(a belt that is used to carry bullets) and a wreath( flowers that have been decorated in a circle form. Usually used at funerals and memorials). This represents peace.
    On either side of the the monument is the coat of arms (an official emblem, usually used in the government) of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Boer Republics.

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